Bathroom Storage Solutions to Stay Organized

Have you ever walked into your bathroom only to be greeted by a disorganized mess of half-used bottles strewn across the counters, towels piled up on the floor, and a cabinet so jam-packed you can barely close it? If this scenario sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Bathrooms can easily become catch-alls for all kinds of clutter.

The good news is that with some thoughtful organization, it’s possible to transform even the most chaotic bathroom into a functional oasis. Whether your space is large or small, implementing creative storage solutions can help you make the most of every square inch.

This article will explore a wide variety of techniques for organizing your bathroom, from embracing the KonMari method to DIY projects, small bathroom tips, and general storage guidelines. Read on to discover ideas that will help you bid farewell to bathroom messes for good.

Get Started with the KonMari MethodTM

Marie Kondo’s KonMari MethodTM of tidying up has taken the world by storm in recent years. This approach can be extremely effective for decluttering and organizing a bathroom. Here are some KonMari-inspired ideas to maximize your storage.

Tidy by Category, Not Location

It’s tempting when organizing to work area by area, tackling one drawer or shelf at a time. But Kondo advises tidying by category. Gather all like items together before making decisions about what to keep and where to put it.

For a bathroom, work through categories such as:

  • Makeup and cosmetics
  • Hair care
  • Medications
  • First aid
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Toilet paper
  • Towels
  • Skin care

Once you’ve sorted through each category and culled unnecessary items, it will be much easier to find homes for what remains.

Discard First

A key part of the KonMari Method is discarding items before organizing the space. This prevents you from creating homes for things you don’t need or use.

Be ruthless as you sort through each category. Toss expired products, used-up toiletries, old medications, worn-out towels, and anything else you’re ready to part with. Don’t hang onto things just because you might use them someday.

Create Space

Now comes the fun part: finding places for what you’ve decided to keep. Kondo recommends creating space in your storage areas before putting anything away.

Take everything out of your bathroom drawers, cabinets, and closets. Get rid of clutter and unnecessary items. Then wipe down the empty spaces so they’re clean for your newly organized belongings.

Creating open space allows you to arrange categories thoughtfully, rather than cramming things wherever they fit.

Tackle Travel-Sized Toiletries and Other Minis

Those trial-sized shampoos and lotion bottles seem tiny, but they can quickly overrun a bathroom when left to their own devices.

Give these items a separate home, like a hanging shower caddy or bin on a shelf. Monitor the stash and use up minis before opening full-sized replacements.

Organize Your Cosmetic Bags

Cosmetic bags are handy for travel but can become black holes when left unzipped in your bathroom. Regularly clean these out. Stand bags upright so you can see everything inside. Use clear plastic bags or ones with outer pockets to stay organized.

Store Toilet Paper Thoughtfully

Toilet paper is bulky, so be strategic about where you keep it. Wall-mounted shelves or freestanding caddies with multiple rolls visible provide easy access. Or stow backup rolls out-of-sight in a cabinet. Just avoid cramming toilet paper on top of cluttered shelves.

Free Up Floor Space

In a small bathroom, one of the best things you can do is get items up off the floor. Wall-mounted shelving, over-the-toilet cabinets, hanging shower caddies, and other vertical storage solutions open up precious square footage. Limit floor clutter to just a small rug and hamper.

Get Creative with DIY and Unique Storage Solutions

Once you’ve pared down your supplies, it’s time to start optimizing your storage. Take advantage of every inch by utilizing corners, walls, cabinets, and other often-overlooked spaces. And don’t be afraid to get creative! Here are some ideas to spark your imagination.

Utilize Wall Space with Hanging Baskets and Shelves

Bare walls represent missed opportunities for storage. Fill this void with hanging wire baskets. These come in varied sizes and styles perfect for stowing toiletries, cosmetics, and medications.

Floating shelves are another good option. Opt for sturdy wooden shelves supported by steel brackets. Use them to display rolled towels, decor items, and frequently used products you want to keep within arm’s reach.

Repurpose Items like Mason Jars for Storage

See everything in your bathroom as a potential storage vessel. For example, wide-mouth mason jars are ideal for holding cotton swabs, balls, Q-tips, and other small toiletries.

Their glass construction allows you to see contents easily. And the jars are attractive enough to keep out on countertops or shelves.

Use Tiered Trays and File Box Organizers

Products ending up helter-skelter on shelves or vanities can quickly become an eyesore. Neaten these areas with divided organizers.

Tiered trays corral bottles and tubes into sections while elevating them for easy access. Hanging file boxes can instantly tidy a shelf full of sundries. Use one section for medications, another for bandages, and so on.

Maximize Behind-the-Door Storage

Don’t neglect the back of your bathroom door when finding real estate for organizing. Hang fabric bins, stacked baskets, over-the-door shoe organizers, or pocketed clear plastic pouches to take advantage of this prime space. Use for toiletries, cosmetics, first aid, hair tools, and lightweight towels.

Utilize Under-Sink Space with Bins and Drawers

The cavernous area under bathroom sinks tends to become a black hole of cast-off items. Take back this space with bins, drawers, and trays to house backup supplies and little-used necessities.

Clear stacking drawers allow you to see what’s inside at a glance. Rectangular bins corral larger supplies neatly. A small plastic drawer unit can hold space hogging items like hair dryers and straighteners.

Use Over-the-Shower Caddies for Easy Access to Daily Products

Reduce clutter on your shower or tub ledge with hanging shower caddies. Look for caddies with multiple shelves and storage pockets to hold all your bathing essentials in easy reach. Options like corner-mounted, rust-proof metal units maximize your existing space.

Organize a Small Bathroom

Is your bathroom the size of a postage stamp? No problem! You can still carve out practical storage nooks in awkward little rooms. Check out these tips for maximizing every square inch.

Make Use of Existing Supplies for Organization

Before buying new containers, take stock of what you already have. Empty tissue boxes, bread loaf bags, citrus fruit nets, and other discards can morph into handy organizers.

An empty tissue box is ideal for holding cotton balls and swabs. Mesh citrus bags neatly contain cotton pads and face wipes. And you can never have too many plastic bins for corralling all those little toiletries.

Utilize Wall-Mounted Storage to Save Counter Space

Small bathrooms tend to be woefully short on countertop real estate. Reclaim this precious commodity by moving storage off counters.

Wall-mounted corner shelves, hanging baskets, and vertical racks free up room below for just select daily essentials. Stow other supplies overhead within easy reach.

Use Stacking Drawers for Efficient Storage

Units with clear stacking drawers are perfect for cramming lots of supplies into compact footprints. Labels help identify contents at a glance. Small parts organizers also provide divided storage for tiny items.

Implement a Rail-Type System for Individualized Storage

Rail shelving with attached baskets let you custom-design storage for each family member. Hang a rail below the bathroom’s upper cabinets. Then attach personalized baskets labeled with names—one for each person’s toiletries and medications.

General Tips for Staying Organized

Once you’ve tackled the major organizing project, a little maintenance will keep your bathroom clutter-free. Implement these tips for maintaining a functional space long-term.

Separate Backstock from Everyday Items

Don’t mix backup supplies in with daily essentials—the duplicates will only cause confusion. Place overflow stock in cabinets, while keeping out enough for immediate use.

Labeling Is Key for Maintaining an Organized Space

Labels help everyone remember where items live. When sorting supplies into bins and baskets, identify contents with masking tape flags, sticky notes, or chalkboard tags.

Utilize Height to Maximize Storage in Any Bathroom

In compact bathrooms, go vertical whenever possible. Floor space comes at a premium, so use every inch of wall real estate.

Floating shelves, wall-mounted cabinets, over-the-door storage, and shelving between wall studs are all great options. Just be sure installations are secure and water-resistant.

Keep Counters Clear for Easy Cleaning

Resist the urge to stash everything on bathroom counters, which become cluttered quickly. Follow the one in, one out rule by returning products to storage after each use.

Limit countertop contents to a cup for brushes and daily essentials like soap, lotion, and toothbrush holders. This leaves plenty of open space for cleaning.

Conquer Clutter Once and For All

Bathrooms are one of the most notoriously disorganized rooms in many homes. But they don’t have to be lost causes when it comes to clutter.

By following organizing guidelines like the KonMari Method along with creative storage solutions, you can whip even the most chaotic bathroom into shape. Maintain order by purging regularly and keeping everything in its place.

With some thoughtful organization, your bathroom can transform into a serene oasis, leaving chaos and clutter behind once and for all. Just think—now your most dreaded room can become a relaxing retreat to enjoy.

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