Clever Ways to Add Storage to Your Bedroom

Having limited space in your bedroom doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice functionality or style. With some clever solutions, you can maximize every inch to create a bedroom that is organized, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing.


Storage is one of the most important elements in any bedroom design. Cluttered, disorganized bedrooms not only look unpleasant but can cause stress and negatively impact your quality of sleep. However, finding sufficient storage in a small bedroom can be a major challenge.

According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders, the average size of a newly constructed master bedroom in the U.S. is only 231 square feet. With limited floor space, every corner must be utilized efficiently to accommodate all your clothing, accessories, linens, and personal items. The good news is that there are myriad solutions for maximizing storage, even in the tightest of spaces.

II. Maximize Vertical Space

One of the best ways to create more storage in a small bedroom is to make use of vertical space above and beyond the floor area. Mounting shelves, bookcases, and storage systems on walls is an optimal way to gain storage while keeping the floor clear.

Wall-Mounted Shelving

Installing floating shelves is an easy DIY project that can provide both open and concealed storage. Mount shelves near the ceiling to hold items that are not used frequently. For items you access daily, mounted shelves at arm level provide convenient storage. Add hooks underneath for hanging hats, bags, and other items.

Tall Bookcases

Bookcases with tall, narrow proportions are ideal for small bedrooms. Look for bookcases that extend all the way to the ceiling to make the most of available height. Ensure bookcases are securely anchored to prevent accidental tipping.

Vertical Storage Systems

All-in-one vertical storage systems take advantage of every inch of available height. Look for modular systems that combine cabinets, shelves, and drawers that can be configured to your needs. Vertical systems help organize clothing, linens, toiletries, electronics, and more while keeping floors clutter-free.

III. Multifunctional Furniture

Using furniture that serves more than one purpose is an excellent strategy for expanding storage options in small bedrooms. From beds to nightstands, multifunctional furniture streamlines storage needs.

Storage Beds

Beds with built-in storage are a space-saving solution for small bedrooms. Look for storage beds with drawers to hold clothing, linens, and blankets. Raised beds with space for under-bed storage containers are also excellent space savers.

Nightstands with Storage

Nightstands with built-in drawers or shelves provide necessary bedside storage. Look for stackable nightstands, tall models with lots of vertical storage, or nightstands with concealed storage. Top with table lamps and decorative items to also serve as accent furniture.

Benches and Ottomans

Upholstered benches and ottomans at the foot of the bed provide both extra seating and hidden storage when topped with a hinged lid. Look for cube-style ottomans that can be stacked to hold linens, seasonal clothing, and more.

IV. Creative Shelving and Organization

Open shelving and creative organizational solutions allow you to neatly store items while adding style. Maximize vertical space by mounting shelves in unexpected areas.

Unexpected Shelving

Take advantage of awkward nooks and crannies by installing shelves in unconventional areas. Floor-to-ceiling shelving in closets instantly doubles storage space. Mount shelves over doorways, in eaves, and on slanted walls.

Stylish Cubbies

Cubbies add both storage and visual interest when mounted on walls. Use to neatly store and display books, framed photos, potted plants and collectibles. Arrange cubbies in grid patterns or at staggered heights for a stylish look.

Baskets and Boxes

Woven baskets, fabric bins, and decorative storage boxes neatly corral like items while hiding clutter. Use color-coded bins to organize clothing, toys, office supplies, etc. Label bins so everyone knows where to put things away.

V. Hidden Storage Solutions

While open shelving provides easy access, concealed storage helps keep clutter out of sight. Hidden compartments allow you to stash items conveniently without sacrificing your room’s peaceful ambiance.

Under-Bed Storage

Lift up your bed skirt and slide fabric bins or wheeled plastic tubs under your bed frame to create instant storage. Label bins clearly so you know where everything is. Avoid over-loading under-bed storage or items will be hard to access.

Storage Ottomans

Upholstered ottomans with hinged, lift-top lids provide ample storage space while doubling as extra seating. Use to store spare blankets, pillows, electronics and anything else you want out of sight but easily accessible.

Concealed Compartments

Built-in cabinetry with concealed storage compartments can seamlessly integrate into your bedroom design. Access hidden storage with discreetly disguised doors. These hidden spaces are perfect for stashing valuables securely.

VI. DIY Storage Projects

With a little DIY spirit and creativity, you can build customized storage solutions tailored to your space and needs. These projects can typically be completed over the span of a weekend.

Wall-Mounted Box Shelves

This beginner-friendly project utilizes simple boxes as floating wall-mounted shelves. All you need is lumber, a saw, nails, sandpaper and primer/paint. Optional: add hooks for hanging items underneath.

Hanging Organizer Shelves

Utilize vertical space by hanging wire storage units on walls to organize folded clothing, linens, toiletries and small accessories. Customize with bins, baskets and hooks.

Ladder Shelf Bookcase

Transform a basic wooden ladder into a narrow rolling bookcase. Secure the ladder horizontally to a wheeled base to create an easy-to-move storage unit. Adjust shelf height by changing ladder rung position.

VII. Utilizing Awkward Spaces

Take advantage of awkward nooks, sloped ceilings, and other irregular areas by getting creative with storage solutions. Tailor these spaces to provide specialized storage.

Sloped Ceilings and Eaves

Install shelves along slanted ceilings and eaves to add storage high above. Use these hard-to-reach spaces to store seasonal items or decor you only need occasionally.

Under Eaves

Under-eave spaces are ideal for stashing luggage and sporting goods. Install hooks to hang bikes, tennis rackets, rolled-up sleeping bags and more. Add shelving under eaves to hold stackable plastic bins.

Angled Walls

Make use of oddly angled walls by installing shelves or cabinetry custom-fit to the exact angle. These tailored storage units can hold books, display collectibles or corral office supplies.

VIII. Organization Tips and Tricks

Proper organization is key to maintaining a functional bedroom that makes your daily routine easier. Here are some useful tips for keeping your space neat and clutter-free.

Edit and Declutter

Begin by sorting through all clothing and personal items. Donate, recycle or sell any unused or unneeded possessions to clear out clutter.

Use Bins and Baskets

Neatly divide like items into matching bins and baskets to keep drawers, shelves, and cabinets cleanly organized. Label bins clearly.

Designate Zones

Give items “zones” – keep all clothing in the closet, books on the bookcase, etc. Return items to their designated zones.

Add Dividers

Use adjustable dividers in drawers and shelves to create compartments tailored to your storage needs. This keeps everything neatly separated.

Label Storage

Use labels and chalkboard tags so every family member knows exactly where to store (and find!) items after use. Keep frequently used items most accessible.

IX. Conclusion

While a small bedroom may seem like a challenge when it comes to storage, there are many ingenious solutions for maximizing space through efficient use of vertical real estate, multi-purpose furniture, and creative organization methods. By incorporating wall-mounted storage, under-used areas, and concealed compartments, you can create a bedroom that is decluttered and has a place for everything, even in tight quarters. With a little creativity and DIY spirit, your petite bedroom can provide ample storage and maintain a relaxing, peaceful ambiance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for adding storage to closets in a small bedroom?

  • Install a second closet rod to double hanging space.
  • Use vertical space by mounting shelves high on the wall or all the way to the ceiling.
  • Consider closet organization systems with stacked shelves and drawers to maximize space.
  • Hang shoe organizers on the back of closet doors to neatly store footwear.
  • Add customizable dividers to separate and organize clothing.

How can I gain more drawer space in a small bedroom?

  • Look for stackable drawer units that allow you to configure the layout.
  • Add dividers and compartment organizers inside drawers.
  • Store seasonal clothing or rarely-used items in under-bed drawers to free up main storage drawers.
  • Utilize the space under nightstands with rolling drawer units.

What types of beds work best for small bedrooms?

  • Platform beds with built-in storage drawers are great space savers.
  • Loft beds and bunk beds allow you to utilize vertical space.
  • Murphy beds that fold up into the wall free up daytime floor space.
  • Low-profile bed frames maximize space above and below the sleeping surface.

Where are some unexpected places I can add storage in my bedroom?

  • Under-mattress storage lifts up to reveal hidden compartments.
  • Window valances can incorporate shelves or cubbies.
  • A headboard with built-in shelving provides storage right at the bedside.
  • Install shelving inside closet doors to take advantage of wasted space.

What are your best tips for staying organized?

  • Have a place for everything and return items after use.
  • Group like items together using matching bins.
  • Never put anything away without first decluttering and sorting.
  • Add labels so family members know where things belong.
  • Do a 5-minute tidy at the end of each day.
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