Unveiling Dave Grohl House Oxnard Beach

The crashing waves, the soft sand, the gentle breeze – for rockstar Dave Grohl, his beach house along the shores of Oxnard, California offered a peaceful respite from the chaos of fame. This iconic property encapsulates Grohl’s lifelong connection to the ocean and represents an important chapter in the musician’s real estate history.


Perched atop the dunes of Oxnard Beach, the sprawling coastal home provided a laidback haven for Grohl. Far from the screaming crowds and the rock n’ roll lifestyle, this beach house was Dave Grohl’s escape to paradise.


Though he only owned the Oxnard property briefly, it left an indelible mark on Grohl and exemplified his deep appreciation for Southern California’s beach culture.

I. Introduction

Dave Grohl rocketed to stardom as the drummer for Seattle grunge band Nirvana in the early 1990s. After frontman Kurt Cobain’s tragic death in 1994, Grohl founded the Foo Fighters and became one of the most acclaimed rock musicians of his generation. However, beyond the fame and success in music, Grohl cultivated a passion for surfing and a love affair with the beach lifestyle.

This eventually led him to purchase a luxury beachfront residence in Oxnard, California in 2007. Tucked between the bustling cities of Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Oxnard offered Grohl the perfect blend of peaceful isolation and easy access to the surf spots he cherished. Though he only owned the home briefly, it encapsulated Grohl’s lifelong connection to the California coast.

II. Dave Grohl House Oxnard Beach : An Overview

Spanning over 5,000 square feet, Dave Grohl House overlooked the Pacific Ocean. It contained 6 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, and top-of-the-line amenities fit for a rockstar. Located along Oxnard Shores, the home offered sweeping views of the coastline from its spacious deck.

Built in 1974, the house had several famous owners over the decades. Tom Petty once lived on the property, and rumors suggest that stars like David Bowie and Mick Jagger stayed there during visits to Southern California. When Grohl purchased the home, it still had its original mid-century charm mixed with modern upgrades.

Historical Background

Long before Grohl lived there, the house saw its fair share of celebrity owners and guests. Guitarist Tom Petty owned the home in the late 1980s and early 1990s during his time with the Heartbreakers. There are local legends of the British rock stars like Bowie and Jagger staying at the property when touring through California.

The home exemplified the laidback beach lifestyle that drew rockstars to Oxnard Shores. Its rich history was part of the appeal for Grohl, who restored the vintage 70s details while also installing state-of-the-art features. Even with renovations, remnants of the home’s storied past remained when Grohl lived there.

III. The Interior of Dave Grohl House

Stepping inside Grohl’s Oxnard getaway, visitors were transported into the musician’s ideal beach retreat. The Dave Grohl House interior featured natural wood elements, breezy white fabrics, and pops of color complementing the coastal setting.

Dave Grohl House Living Room

The sprawling living room opened directly onto the deck, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces. This room centered around a slate blue sofa and loveseat, a color Grohl said reminded him of the ocean on an overcast day. The white stone fireplace created a cozy gathering place and anchored the lounge’s beach house vibe.

Dave Grohl House Kitchen

Boasting stainless steel appliances and butcher block countertops, the gourmet kitchen was ideal for Grohl’s cooking hobby. There was a breakfast nook with views of the water where Grohl often ate casual meals on a weathered farmhouse table. Bold teal cabinetry and backsplashes provided an invigorating dose of color.

Dave Grohl House Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Dave Grohl House On the second level, floor-to-ceiling glass doors in each bedroom provided unobstructed views of the coast. In the master suite, Grohl slept in a king bed below a wall of vintage surfboards he handpicked from Oxnard’s local surf shops.

The bathrooms featured colorful tiling in oceanic hues of blue, gray, and green paired with seashell embellishments. Soaking tubs offered panoramic views of crashing waves for the ultimate in relaxation.

Unique Features

Nods to Grohl’s rock n’ roll fame were found throughout the home. His platinum albums adorned the walls, and the Wetbar had a custom Foo Fighters tap. Outside, a stone fire pit created an ideal jam space overlooking the sea.

Built-in shelves displayed Grohl’s treasured surfboard collection curated during his time living in Oxnard Shores. The home resembled his private surf museum honoring the local culture he adored.

IV. Dave Grohl’s Connection to Oxnard Beach

Long before purchasing property there, Grohl frequented Oxnard Beach while touring with Nirvana in the 90s. The excellent surf breaks and serene environment allowed Grohl to decompress from chaotic tour life. He soon became enamored with the welcoming surf community who didn’t treat him like a rockstar.

In a 2008 interview, Grohl described his Oxnard retreat:

“That house was my sanctuary during one of the most difficult times in my life. The beauty and tranquility of Oxnard Beach brought me peace when I needed it most.”

After divorcing his first wife in 1997, Grohl returned to Oxnard as an escape. He became a fixture in the area while rebuilding his life, forging friendships that led to acquiring his dream home there. The house represented a new beginning.

V. The Sale of Dave Grohl House

Grohl listed the Oxnard property in 2009 with an asking price of $4.8 million. Coming on the heels of the 2008 financial crisis, the home lingered on the market before selling in 2011 for $3.6 million.

The eventual sale price reflected a downturn in California’s luxury real estate at that time. Some experts estimated Grohl took a loss of around $500,000 when he sold the residence. However, the intangible value of his treasured Oxnard retreat far exceeded dollars and cents.

When Grohl first purchased the home in 2007, he paid $3.78 million. The relatively quick flip earned him a modest return on investment during a tumultuous market. Overall, Grohl seemed to prioritize enjoying his time there over financial motivations.

VI. Celebrity Homes in Oxnard Beach

Oxnard Shores has long attracted creative types and celebrities with its low-key surf culture. In addition to Grohl and Petty, stars like keyboardist Rick Wakeman and drummer Travis Barker own homes in the neighborhood. The area offers seclusion and beach access without the bustle of nearby Malibu.

Wakeman’s estate contains a professional recording studio where he produced albums for legendary rock bands like Black Sabbath. His lavish property exceeds 10,000 square feet with features like a tennis court and movie theater.

Compared to these sprawling celebrity compounds, Grohl’s Oxnard home provided a humble and intimate beach retreat true to the area’s casual roots.

VII. Dave Grohl’s Real Estate Portfolio

Beyond his Oxnard house, Grohl owns impressive properties in his home state of Virginia and his current residence of Hawaii. However, the musician prefers laidback beach living rather than lavish mansions.

In Hanalei, Hawaii, Grohl owns a modest bungalow alongside wife Jordyn Blum-Grohl. The 3-bedroom home cost around $4.8 million but maintains a cozy, unpretentious style.

For his Virginia farmhouses in Alexandria and Crozet, Grohl focused on restoring historic charm over showy upgrades. The Oxnard beach house aligned with this down-to-earth approach to real estate.

IX. Dave Grohl House Renovations and Decor

When Grohl purchased the Oxnard property, he wanted to update it while preserving its vintage California charm. He spent close to $1 million renovating the interior and exterior spaces.


The Dave Grohl House exterior retained the original earthy cedar shingles and low-pitched roofline. Grohl resurfaced the deck, extended the patio space closer to the shoreline, and added a custom spiral staircase from the deck to the beach. Landscaping features like fire pits and tropical plants enhanced the coastal vibe.

Interior Design

Designer Lindye Cummings helped overhaul the interior using Grohl’s input. They opted for a relaxed, beachy look integrating natural woods, airy linens, and textured rugs. Grohl’s one request was to avoid anything too “foo-foo,” wanting to maintain the home’s mellow character.

Cummings brought the outside in with indoor plants, rattan furniture, and neutral fabrics mirroring sand and surf. Pops of color came from items like throw pillows, ceramics, and accent walls in shades of sea glass green and ocean blue. The décor evoked Californian ease through and through.

X. Life in Oxnard

Beyond enjoying his custom-designed oasis, Grohl embraced the Oxnard lifestyle during his time as a homeowner.


Grohl spent mornings riding waves at the secluded County Line surf break near his home. The waves’ consistency and gentle sloping made it an ideal spot to progress as an intermediate surfer. Fellow locals noted Grohl seemed most joyful with a board under his arm.


Rather than isolating himself as a celebrity, Grohl cherished feeling part of the tight-knit community. He frequented Oxnard’s laidback bars and restaurants where he blended in among the eclectic locals.


At night, faint strains of acoustic guitar would drift from the beach house as Grohl wrote songs inspired by the ever-changing moods of the ocean. He described the creative freedom he felt there, a stark contrast from the pressure of his stadium tours.


Grohl enjoyed leisurely time with his daughters, Violet and Harper, building sandcastles on the beach, swimming in the pacific, and watching sunsets paint the sky in brilliant colors. The home provided a tranquil setting for Grohl to focus on family.

XI. Preserving the Legacy

In the years since Grohl sold the Oxnard property, it’s changed hands twice more, most recently in 2018 for $4.3 million. Realtors emphasize the home’s rock and roll pedigree to prospective buyers.

Some have approached Grohl to buy back the house, but he has declined. Though no longer his home, the Oxnard beach house remains a significant part of Grohl’s journey through grief, growth, and newfound joy.

The current owners have restored vintage elements like the stone fireplace and cedar shingle exterior. At night, the distant sound of crashing waves hearkens back to lazy evenings Grohl spent writing music overlooking the sea. Though famed for filling stadiums, perhaps Dave Grohl’s most treasured concerts happened on Oxnard’s shores with only the moon and stars as his audience.

XII. Conclusion

Despite owning it for only four years in the late 2000s, Dave Grohl’s Oxnard Shores retreat left an enduring mark on the rock musician. It exemplified his lifelong passion for beach living that originated while touring down the California coast with Nirvana decades earlier.

The Dave Grohl House provided sanctuary during a challenging chapter of Grohl’s life. It also immersed him in the vibrant surf community he grew to cherish. With its storied history and peaceful setting, this sublime beach property encapsulated the best of Southern California’s laidback lifestyle.

Though Grohl’s time there was relatively brief, those years spent gazing at sunsets over the Pacific Ocean remained close to his heart. The Oxnard dream house embodied Grohl’s devotion to the rhythm of the tide, the song of the sea, and the allure of the eternal summer.

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