Inside Henry Ruggs House $1.5 Million Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its glitz, glamour, and over-the-top displays of wealth. For NFL star Henry Ruggs III, his impressive mansion in this city of excess fits right in. Ruggs’ home showcases his success and lavish lifestyle as a professional football player.

Henry Ruggs House

Henry Ruggs III is a wide receiver who currently plays for the Las Vegas Raiders. He was drafted in 2020 as the first wide receiver taken in the draft that year. Ruggs had a successful college career playing for the University of Alabama, where he helped the Crimson Tide win the NCAA national championship in 2017.

Since joining the Raiders, Ruggs has become an integral part of the team’s offense. His elite speed is a huge asset, and he is considered one of the fastest players in the NFL. Ruggs has helped the Raiders find success as they transition to their new home in Las Vegas.

Off the field, Ruggs has invested his NFL earnings in a stunning mansion located in an exclusive Las Vegas neighborhood. His home is an embodiment of his luxurious lifestyle and success on the field. With its one-of-a-kind features and amenities, Ruggs’ Henry Ruggs House reflects both his personal style and status as an NFL star.

Henry Ruggs House: Location and Exterior

Ruggs’ mansion is situated in the prestigious Ascaya neighborhood of Henderson, Nevada, which is about 16 miles from Las Vegas. Ascaya is a luxurious golf community that offers custom homes starting at around $1 million.

The exterior of Ruggs’ home features tan stucco walls, terra cotta roof tiles, and extensive stonework. The multi-level Henry Ruggs House has a Mediterranean style perfectly suited to the Nevada climate. Landscaping includes palm trees, succulents, and other drought-resistant plants.

The home sits on a 0.48-acre lot and spans nearly 8,000 square feet of living space. Out front is a motor court driveway with parking for several vehicles. According to property records, Ruggs purchased the brand-new home in early 2021 for $1.72 million.

Henry Ruggs House: Interior Design

Stepping inside the Ruggs residence, visitors are greeted by grand foyer with a sweeping staircase. The open floor plan allows the foyer to connect seamlessly with the great room, kitchen, and dining area.

The great room features floor-to-ceiling windows that let in ample natural light. The space has comfortable seating arranged around a linear fireplace, creating a welcoming spot for lounging and entertainment.

Adjacent to the great room is a gourmet kitchen with high-end Wolf and SubZero appliances, marble countertops, a sizable center island, and custom cabinetry. Just off the kitchen lies the dining area, which has a modern glass-topped table with seating for up to eight people.

On the second level of the Henry Ruggs House, the master suite includes a bedroom, ample walk-in closet space, and a spa-like bathroom with dual vanities, a soaking tub, and walk-in shower. Three additional bedrooms upstairs have ensuite bathrooms and walk-in closets.

The basement level houses a home theater, wet bar, wine storage, and temperature-controlled cigar humidor. This space is perfect for Ruggs to kick back and relax with friends and teammates.

Henry Ruggs House: Technology and Security

Being a tech-savvy young NFL star, Ruggs has outfitted his home with smart technology and security. Controlled through devices like his phone and tablet, Ruggs has remote access to features like lighting, temperature, security cameras, and more. Motion sensors activate exterior and interior lights automatically for convenience and security.

Given Ruggs’ celebrity status, privacy and protection are also priorities for his residence. The Henry Ruggs House has 24/7 video monitoring, perimeter fencing, and secure access gates to keep away uninvited guests.

Henry Ruggs House: Cost and Value

The total cost of Ruggs’ home, including the purchase price and upgrades, is estimated at around $2.5 million. The amenities and technology features bring this value even higher.

In the Ascaya community, properties range from $1 million to over $4 million. Ruggs’ home sits comfortably in the middle of that range. For a star NFL player who recently signed a $20 million rookie contract, this price tag is easily within reach.

If Ruggs were to sell his home after living there for a few years, he could expect to list it for $3 million or more. The desirability of the location, exclusive custom construction, and extras make this a multi-million-dollar property. The home’s association with Ruggs also boosts its cachet and marketability with fans and serious buyers alike.

Henry Ruggs House: Personal Touches and Memorabilia

Throughout the home, Ruggs has added unique flourishes that reflect his personality and interests beyond football. For example, the great room showcases his passion for basketball with signed jerseys displayed on the wall.

The basement entertainment area is home to important memorabilia from Ruggs’ football career. Items on display include an autographed helmet from his college days at Alabama, framed photographs from his first NFL game, and signed jerseys from Raiders teammates. These pieces showcase sentimental moments in his journey to the pros.

Upstairs, Ruggs’ bedroom includes a special wall showcasing his love for sneaker culture. Part of his extensive shoe collection is mounted here, creating an art display of prized sneakers.

The incorporation of personal mementos like these turns the contemporary Henry Ruggs House into a true home. These touches offer glimpses into the man beyond the football star.

Henry Ruggs House: Fitness Facilities

No NFL player’s home would be complete without an extensive gym and fitness area. For Ruggs, his house has a dedicated fitness room with state-of-the-art equipment to keep him in peak condition.

The gym features free weights, weight machines, cardio equipment like treadmills and ellipticals, and an open floorplan with mirrors covering the walls. The space allows Ruggs to get strength training and conditioning work in no matter what the weather is like outside.

Having access to a full gym at home is a major asset for an elite athlete like Ruggs. It allows him to workout on his own schedule outside of team facilities. The fitness room also provides privacy and convenience as he fine tunes his body throughout the football season and offseason.

Adjacent to the gym is an outdoor lap pool and spa perfect for recovery sessions. The spa allows Ruggs to relax with therapeutic jet massages to relieve the strain from workouts and football. The pool provides low-impact cardio and active recovery through swimming and water exercises.

Henry Ruggs House: Vehicle Storage

In addition to parking space for everyday vehicles in the motor court driveway, Ruggs’ home has a dedicated garage bay for storing his more prized automotive possessions.

Ruggs is known for having an impressive collection of luxury and performance vehicles. His garage has space to house at least six vehicles, ensuring his fleet has a protected and temperature-controlled environment.

Some of the vehicles Ruggs is known to own include Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and tricked out trucks and SUVs. With his seven-figure NFL salary, Ruggs can easily feed his auto obsession.

The specialized storage garage means Ruggs can keep his vehicles neatly organized onsite instead of renting off-site storage. The garage also has workbenches, tools, and lifts for maintaining his collection of high-end rides.

Henry Ruggs House: Smart Irrigation and Landscaping

Maintaining the lush exterior landscaping of his Las Vegas home in the Mojave Desert climate presents some challenges. Ruggs has addressed this through the use of smart irrigation systems and climate appropriate plantings.

The irrigation system features programmable and app-connected sprinkler zones. Ruggs can customize the watering schedules and flow rates for different sections of the yard. He can also activate or suspend watering remotely from his smartphone.

By watering in the very early morning hours, the system helps reduce evaporative losses. Weather sensors automatically adjust the schedule by detecting rain or changes in temperature and humidity.

The landscaping utilizes native cacti and succulents that need little water. Decorative stones and pebbles help cover bare soil to retain moisture. A combination of trees, grasses, shrubs, and groundcover maintain the yard’s green and welcoming feel while still conserving water.

Henry Ruggs House: Entertaining Spaces

In addition to the great room and basement theater, the Henry Ruggs House has ample outdoor areas perfect for hosting and entertaining guests.

The spacious patio features an outdoor kitchen complete with pizza oven, grill, sink, and bar area. Near the pool is an open air cabana and sitting area with a firepit, outdoor TV, and plenty of comfy furniture.

These amenities make it easy for Ruggs to host pool parties, watch games outdoors, or just relax with friends and family. The outdoor spaces expand the livable area of the home and promote an indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

Given his stature as a professional athlete, Ruggs’ home is surely the site of many parties, athlete appearances, and Las Vegas Raiders events. The indoor/outdoor flow provides plenty of space and flexibility for entertaining on any scale.


Henry Ruggs’ stunning mansion offers amazing amenities, lavish finishes, and subtle personal flourishes. With its exclusive neighborhood location and one-of-a-kind features, this home makes a statement that Ruggs has arrived as an NFL standout. It’s the perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and security.

Beyond serving as a beautiful property, the Henry Ruggs House represents how far this young athlete has come in his football career. From college standout to Las Vegas Raiders star, Ruggs now enjoys the fruits of his labor through this majestic mansion. His home will likely continue to evolve as his path continues unfolding.

What features of Henry Ruggs’ home stand out to you? Are there any details you find especially impressive or interesting? Share your thoughts on this magnificent Las Vegas mansion that reflects the pinnacle of NFL success.

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