Steven Furrick House: An Overview of Its Features and Design

When Steven Furtick, founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, built his 16,000 square foot mansion in nearby Waxhaw, it sparked controversy within both the local community and broader Christian circles.

While Steven Furrick House has drawn criticism and scrutiny, an examination of its construction, design, financial backing, and Furtick’s own responses reveal key insights into the pastor’s priorities and approach to ministry amidst the controversy surrounding his new home.

Steven Furrick House

Steven Furtick, founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church based in Charlotte, North Carolina, drew national attention when he built a mansion in nearby Waxhaw between 2010 and 2012. With 5 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, and a total size of over 17,000 square feet, the cost and extravagance of Steven Furrick Housesparked controversy and debate. Critics claimed the mansion-style house was excessive for a pastor, while Furtick defended it as a gift from God funded by income from his book sales.

The mansion is situated on 19 acres of wooded land, providing seclusion and privacy in the small town of Waxhaw located just south of Charlotte. Property records list the tax value of Steven Furrick House at over $1.6 million, making it much more expensive than surrounding homes. The prominence and visibility of Steven Furtick as the founder of one of the fastest growing churches in America put the spotlight on his personal residence and whether it was appropriate for a pastor to build such a home.

Construction Details

Steven Furrick House includes 5 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, a 4 car garage, and a total of 17,516 square feet. Of this space, about 8,400 square feet is considered heated living space while the rest includes a basement, attic, garage, and porch areas. The house features an electric gate at its entrance as well as ample outdoor space typical of luxury homes.

The construction of the mansion was funded primarily by income from Furtick’s many books, such as Sun Stand Still and Crash the Chatterbox. As Furtick’s national profile and book sales grew, so did his income, allowing him to afford the top-of-the-line custom home. While extravagant, the funding source differentiates it from cases where pastors may use church or ministry funds for private residences.

Compared to the median home value in Waxhaw of $175,000, Steven Furrick House is many times more valuable and expensive than typical homes in the area. The amount of land, square footage, and amenities make this an exceptional residence compared to North Carolina real estate norms. Its forested location provides seclusion and privacy that many luxury home buyers prioritize.

Steven Furrick House Design and Layout

The layout of Steven Furrick House maximizes space for an array of features suited more for an estate than a typical family. The basement totals nearly 5,000 square feet and includes space for entertainment such as a home theater and wet bar. The main floor includes an open concept kitchen and family room as the centerpiece, while upstairs are five large bedrooms including a luxurious master suite.

Outdoors, the property is beautifully landscaped with ample patio space for entertaining. The four-car garage provides space for Furtick’s luxury vehicles, while a gatehouse at the property’s entrance houses security and staff. The home balances a warm, inviting interior decor with attractive exteriors using materials like stone and wood siding. The mansion is tailored specifically to the Furtick family’s needs and desires rather than following a template floorplan.

Financial Aspects

Steven Furtick maintains that his income from book sales is solely responsible for funding the construction of his nearly $2 million mansion. As the founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church, one of the fastest growing congregations in America, Furtick likely earns a high salary in addition to income from books and speaking engagements. However, he has emphasized repeatedly that no church funds went towards his home.

Critics have speculated that the total construction cost including land was between $3 and $5 million. While certainly high, homes of this size and luxury in the Charlotte metro area are known to sell for even higher amounts. The financials behind Steven Furrick House ultimately come down to his and his board’s judgement on appropriate uses of his income as a pastor and author. Their defense remains that it is an asset purchased with personal funds rather than ministry resources.

Steven Furrick House interior design

The interior design of Steven Furtick’s nearly 16,000 square foot home reflects its luxury estate aspirations with features like multiple living spaces, an impressive master suite, and top-of-the-line finishes.

  • The open concept great room, kitchen, and breakfast nook form the centerpiece and hub of the main floor’s design. This space features granite countertops, high-end appliances, custom cabinetry, and hardwood floors.
  • The master suite includes dual vanities, a makeup station, soaking tub, large glassed-in shower, and massive walk-in closet. Steven Furtick’s suite was tailored to his and his wife’s preferences.
  • In addition to the master suite, the mansion contains four other nicely appointed bedrooms for the Furtick’s children, guests, and future needs.
  • The basement adds nearly 5,000 finished square feet including a wet bar, gym equipment, and a home theater perfect for entertaining.
  • Outdoor living spaces total approximately 1,200 square feet of porches and patios surrounding the home. The back patio includes an outdoor kitchen and fireplace.
  • The four-car garage provides ample auto storage, while a gated entrance and gatehouse maximize privacy and security on the property.
  • Materials like hardwood floors, granite, marble, custom woodwork, and high ceilings create luxury throughout the living spaces.
  • State-of-the-art electronics and systems for sound, lighting, security, and temperature regulation allow customized control over the environment.

Overall, the design choices emphasize luxury, comfort, and hospitality within a modern layout built for large families and entertaining guests. The details and features make it apparent no expenses were spared for Steven Furtick and his family.

Privacy and Security Measures

Steven Furtick and his family have dealt with intrusions on their privacy since Elevation Church first gained prominence. In building their estate-style home, privacy was a high priority which influenced decisions like the secluded wooded location and gatehouse entry. Furtick also chose to list a trust on the property’s deed records rather than his own name.

As a celebrity pastor, Furtick reasoned that privacy precautions were necessary to protect his family’s peace and safety. Critics contend that going to lengths to hide one’s personal residence suggests awareness that the home’s size and value may be inappropriate. Furtick has responded that he faces unique security threats requiring safeguards but that he remains committed to financial transparency within his ministry.

Community Impact

Steven Furtick and Elevation Church have made major contributions in terms of charitable donations and economic impact within the Charlotte community and beyond. Reports show Elevation Church has given over $40 million to local and global outreach initiatives, including millions in donations within North Carolina. The church staff and congregation actively participate in serving the community.

However, Furtick’s mansion has faced some backlash from locals in places like Waxhaw that are within the sphere of the church’s influence. While some welcome the economic stimulus, other residents argue the pastor’s lavish home does not mesh with the values he preaches. The house also heightens existing tensions as Furtick aims to expand his ministry through televised services and new campuses.

Response to Criticism

When faced with criticism and questions regarding his new mansion valued over $1.6 million, Steven Furtick has been quick to defend the home as a blessing from God made possible by income from his books. Furtick argues that his salary and funds are his to use at his own discretion and that the house was provided for by personal earnings rather than ministry funds.

Furtick also dismisses those who question him living in a 16,000 square foot home when Jesus had nowhere to lay his head. He sees his mansion as within the bounds of the prosperity gospel, viewing it as the abundant life promised to believers who follow God’s calling. While criticism has impacted public perception of the pastor, Furtick seems unphased in his ministry vision and commitment to expanding Elevation Church.

Future Plans and Vision

Despite the mansion controversy, Steven Furtick remains focused on growing his ministry based out of Charlotte for the long term. He views Elevation Church as his life’s work and has expressed commitment to maintaining the church’s headquarters in the Charlotte area. Furtick also continues to move forward with plans to further expand the church’s local and national influence.

In terms of his new home, Furtick sees it as a gift from God that will help him create memories and continue his ministry for years to come. While the scrutiny has been difficult, he relies on his interpretation of the prosperity gospel to justify enjoying the mansion as he furthers the mission of his church.


Steven Furtick’s sprawling 16,000 square foot mansion with its 7.5 bathrooms, basement home theater, and massive master suite, represents the pastor’s rise to prominence. His income from books enabled Furtick to build a custom estate-style home for his family valued at over $1.6 million. But the move also sparked intense criticism and speculation within the Christian community about the appropriateness of such an extravagant residence for a pastor.

While Furtick defends the home as a blessing, his privacy measures and responses to critics reveal awareness of the tension it highlights between Christianity and wealth. The controversy over Steven Furrick House will likely persist as a milestone marking his trajectory from upstart pastor to celebrity preacher with luxury assets. But the mansion also represents his vision for an abundant life secured by faith which he’ll continue pursuing through ministry

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