Joe Rogan House in Austin: A Luxurious Retreat

Grab your DMT and alpha brain, because we’re taking a trip inside Joe Rogan’s new Texas home. The massively popular podcaster recently made headlines for his big move from Los Angeles to Austin, purchasing a stunning $14.4 million lakefront mansion.

This nearly 11,000 square-foot property features luxurious amenities like a private gym, movie theater, game room, and dock with 200 feet of water frontage. It offers Rogan plenty of space to walk around barefoot and think about life’s biggest mysteries.

So what’s the Joe Rogan house really like? Let’s explore this extraordinary Austin residence from top to bottom.


Joe Rogan has come a long way since his days as the host of Fear Factor. His insanely popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast is one of the most listened to in the world. And all his success has allowed Rogan to amass an impressive real estate portfolio over the years.

But when the 53-year-old comedian and UFC commentator decided to get out of Los Angeles, he purchased his most stunning property yet – a sprawling mansion along a secluded section of Lake Austin.

Valued at around $17 million, Joe Rogan’s new Texas home offers dazzling hilltop views and just about every luxury amenity you could imagine. Now let’s take a detailed tour of this one-of-a-kind residence.

Joe Rogan House: A Detailed Tour


Joe Rogan’s new Austin mansion sits on 1.5 acres along Lake Austin, in the exclusive Rob Roy neighborhood. The property features 200 feet of exclusive water frontage, as well as stunning panoramic views of the lake and surrounding hills.

The exterior of the Joe Rogan House has an elegant mid-century modern style, with sleek lines and walls of glass that seamlessly blend the indoors with the beautiful natural surroundings. The house itself is a massive 10,980 square feet, with 6 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms.

Outdoors, there’s a large saltwater pool and spa, as well as a sundeck and party deck by the lakefront. The property also comes equipped with a private boat dock large enough for several watercraft.


Stepping inside Joe Rogan House, you’re greeted by lofty ceilings, rustic wood accents, and walls of glass. The open floor plan provides scenic views from almost every room.

The living room features timber rafters, comfy modern sofas, and a stacked stone fireplace as a focal point. The gourmet kitchen contains top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances, marble countertops, and a massive marble-topped island.

There’s a chandelier-clad dining room with a long wooden table able to seat up to 12 guests. The home also contains a wine cellar, walk-in humidor, and temperature-controlled cigar room.

For entertainment, there’s a home theater with luxury leather recliners. The ground floor features a game room with a pool table, arcade games, poker table, and sports bar. Large picture windows provide views overlooking the lake.

The Luxurious Features of Joe Rogan House

Beyond just its sheer size, Joe Rogan’s Austin mansion comes loaded with over-the-top luxury amenities to create a modern home perfect for entertaining.

Home Gym & Wellness Facilities

Considering Rogan’s love of fitness and wellness, it’s no surprise his new home comes equipped with some amazing health-focused features. These include:

  • A state-of-the-art home gym with free weights, cardio machines, and strength training equipment.
  • An infrared sauna for detoxing and recovery after workouts.
  • A float tank room for sensory deprivation meditation.
  • A cryotherapy chamber for cold therapy.
  • A hot tub and cold plunge pool outside.

With his own personal wellness sanctuary, Rogan can dial his fitness regimen up to 11 in Austin.

Backyard Oasis

The sprawling backyard of Joe Rogan’s lake house has been designed for both leisure and entertainment. Outdoor features include:

  • A resort-style saltwater pool and spa perfect for relaxation.
  • An outdoor kitchen with a grill, bar area, and dining space.
  • A sundeck with lounge chairs ideal for sunbathing.
  • A party deck overlooking the lake, boasting unbeatable sunset views.
  • A private boat dock with a boat lift and jet ski ramp.

Joe Rogan House Smart Home Technology

As a tech lover, Rogan has outfitted his Austin mansion with all kinds of smart home conveniences, including:

  • Voice control system allowing environmental and appliance control.
  • Integrated audio system with speakers throughout the home.
  • Motorized window shades and climate control.
  • Top-of-the-line security and surveillance system.
  • Lighting scene presets for different activities and moods.

With everything wired up and automated, Joe can just speak out loud to activate his home to his exact preferences.

Joe Rogan’s Real Estate Investments

While his Austin mansion is arguably the crown jewel of Joe Rogan’s real estate portfolio so far, it’s far from his only property. Let’s look back at some of his other investments over the years.

Bell Canyon, California

Rogan previously owned two homes in the guard-gated Bell Canyon community just outside LA. In 2003, he purchased a 7,573 square-foot Mediterranean-style mansion for $2.2 million.

He then bought the property next door for $2.3 million in 2008. Combined, his Bell Canyon compound spanned over 2.5 acres with a home gym, pool, and private hiking trails.

Hollywood Hills, California

In 2018, Rogan upgraded by selling his Bell Canyon homes and purchasing a new $4.95 million home high in the Hollywood Hills.

This 8,720 square-foot modern farmhouse came equipped with a home gym, pool, and panoramic views from downtown LA to the ocean.

But it seems city life had worn on Rogan by 2020. That’s when he decided to take his podcast and millions to the Lone Star State.

Comparison to Joe Rogan House Austin Mansion

Compared to his previous LA-area homes, Joe Rogan’s Austin mansion is on a whole new level in terms of size, luxury, and privacy.

While Rogan seems to have carried over his love of home gyms and indoor/outdoor living, his new Austin estate dwarfs the size of his former California residences.

And being situated along a secluded section of Lake Austin, his new $14.4 million home provides a level of privacy and security you just can’t find tucked in the Hollywood Hills.

For Joe Rogan, everything is indeed bigger and better in Texas.

Joe Rogan’s Move to Austin

So what prompted Joe Rogan to uproot from LA and head to Austin? As he shared on his podcast, there were several key factors behind the move:

Escape from LA

Like many California residents, Rogan voiced feeling disillusioned with life in LA. Issues like overcrowding, homelessness, and restrictive lockdowns motivated his exit.

Lower Taxes

The tax burden of California was also a major incentive for Rogan. Texas has no state income tax, allowing Rogan to keep more of the millions he earns from his podcast.

More Freedom

Rogan cited Austin’s free-wheeling culture and lack of COVID restrictions as a major appeal. He said the move provided “a little bit more freedom” from the rules and politics of California.

Great Community

Despite being a larger metro, Austin still provides a vibrant community feel – another draw for Rogan. The city’s huge live music scene was also a motivating factor.

Celebrity Neighbors

Texas has become a hotspot for celebrity transplants like Rogan. Stars like Sandra Bullock, Matthew McConaughey, and Elon Musk also call Austin home.

So the combination of a great community, more affordability and space ultimately led Joe Rogan to plant new roots along the shores of Lake Austin.

The Cost of Austin Joe Rogan House

In August 2020, it was reported Joe Rogan purchased his new Austin home for $14.4 million – one of the priciest transactions in the city’s history. However, property experts estimate the true value could be over $17 million.

Either way, that’s exponentially more than the median home price in Austin of around $560,000. It dwarfs what an average resident pays. But compared to celebrity estates in LA or New York, Rogan likely feels it’s a relative bargain.

Some context on how Joe Rogan’s home stacks up among the most expensive in the Austin area:

  • $17 million is on par with the listing price for the 25,000 square-foot Falconhead Estate, Austin’s highest priced property.
  • Movie star Sandra Bullock owns a $4.5 million mansion nearby on Lake Austin.
  • Retired tennis pro Andy Roddick owns a $4.9 million home

So while not the priciest home in Austin, Joe Rogan’s mansion is certainly among the top tier. When you factor in the unbeatable lakefront location, luxury features, and massive size, it’s easy to see why it commanded such a premium price.

For a celebrity like Rogan looking for both privacy and amenities, the home provides an ideal blend in one package.

Joe Rogan’s Impact on the Austin Real Estate Market

It’s no secret that Joe Rogan is one of the most influential voices in media today. So it follows that his move to Austin is creating ripples in the real estate market of this growing Texas city.

Increased Visibility

With Rogan’s huge fanbase, his move focuses untold attention on the Austin market. His gushing about the city on his podcast is essentially free advertising. This will inevitably attract more transplants to follow Rogan’s lead.

Bump in Luxury Sales

When a celebrity like Rogan buys one of the most expensive homes in the area, it raises the ceiling for the high-end market. More luxury buyers may now view Austin as an attractive playground for the rich and famous.

Ripple Effect

Experts say even non-millionaires are fascinated by celebrity homes. Rogan’s lakefront mansion will have a ripple effect, boosting interest and prices for homes at every level of the Austin market.

Overall, observers say Joe Rogan planting roots in Austin will provide a lasting boost to the city’s real estate landscape for years to come. The full impact remains to be seen, but the Rogan effect is definitely real.

Joe Rogan’s Future Plans for His Austin Home

For now, Joe seems intent on settling into his new Texas mansion and soaking up that Austin lifestyle. But what additions or upgrades could he have planned down the road?

Potential Renovations

With a home of this size, there’s always room for custom renovations and add-ons. Joe may wish to leave his mark by converting unused space into amenities like a basketball court, indoor climbing wall, or recording studio.

Smart Home Upgrades

Rogan is sure to continue outfitting his mansion with the latest smart tech. Think 3D projection systems, laser security, or maybe even elevators to navigate the home’s three floors.

Expanded Outdoor Space

A fitness nut like Rogan needs room to move. He may expand his backyard oasis by adding more decks, nature trails, a disc golf course, or zen garden.

A Compound in the Making?

If Rogan opts to purchase the adjacent lot, he could expand his estate even more. That would allow him to add guest houses, underground tunnels, or whatever else the world’s most popular podcaster needs.

Knowing Rogan’s diverse interests, the possibilities for customizing his lakeside “Texas White House” are endless. Fans wait eagerly to see what big additions he dreams up next.


There’s no question Joe Rogan’s new $14.4 million Austin mansion is one of the premiere properties in Texas. The massive lakefront estate features stunning panoramic views and more amenities than some luxury hotels.

With wide open spaces to play, state-of-the-art fitness facilities, and next-level tech, Rogan’s new home reflects everything people love about his bold personality. It’s the perfect headquarters for Joe to continue growing his podcasting empire for years to come.

Beyond the property itself, Rogan’s move also signals Austin’s rise as a coveted destination for America’s top celebrities and creators. His massive lake house will no doubt influence real estate tastes and home prices across the entire Austin market.

Love him or hate him, Joe Rogan’s mammoth Texas mansion marks a new chapter for both him and the city of Austin. We can’t wait to see what conversations and adventures unfold within those walls along the shores of Lake Austin.

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